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What helps leaders generate breakthrough with their teams during these pandemic times

Please allow me to introduce you some of the feelings that are present for your colleagues. Under the visible level of the window that they let you see them doing their best, they are experiencing:


fear of failure,

fear of not being good enough,

fear of being fired,

fear of being sick,

fear of incertitude,

fear of not being able to pay their loans,

fear of showing their weaknesses to much in front of their children,

fear of re-inventing,

sometimes- panic,

sometimes- a strong overwhelming feeling,

feeling of not belonging anymore,

fear of cutting roots,







I just named some of them. But the list is longer.

Why we are talking about these unconstructive feelings?

Because each of them are impacting directly the capacity of your people to think clearly, to come with solid logical solutions. Are stopping them also using creativity and intuition to overcome the new kind of obstacles that suddenly arrived in the way they were doing their part of business.

As manager, team leader, executive director, CEO, you must make an extra mile effort to decode the unsaid and the non verbal language and to help people reconnect with they inner power.

It’s your duty to increase your personal energy first, by taking care more deeply about you emotionally, mentally, physically, spiritually wellbeing, and then, with a different frequency, higher, to be a flame for the others to turn-on frequently their flame.

You are like a candle. You can not show-up in front of your people, with your flame turned-of.

This is a big risk of leaders of 2020, in the pandemic days: being far, and concerned about the results, not to have a clear s.m.a.r.t objective about genuine connection with the people.

A leader that loses his capacity to connect deeper, to include people and to encourage collaboration in the organization, is loosing his right to lead, and sooner or later he will finish alone!

Each time when you are intentionally make efforts to INCLUDE people, most probably you EXCLUDE them.

As through any kind of exclusion we generate pain, so, low frequency feelings, as a leaders, you have a subject to think about how to stop this, as we want our people, on board, connected to higher energy, wiser, with clear logic and good intuition.

Each feeling has a vibration. And each vibration will allow a certain quality of logical process and facilitate/or not, the access to intuition.

In many cultures there is a well known quote” Don’t take decisions when you are furious, you’ll regret”. But this is valid also about other 50 types of negative feelings. Why? Because they all are having a low frequency, so they shadow and block our logical thinking.

We need to connect to your pure logic and then to intuition, for great solutions.

According to the Joes Pearson’ study, published in April 2017 in the journal Psychological Science intuition does, indeed, exists and that researchers can measure it, said Joel Pearson, an associate professor of psychology at the University of New South Wales in Australia and the lead author of the study. Despite widespread acceptance of this idea by psychologists and the public, scientists have lacked a reliable test to gather objective data on intuition and even prove its existence. In the new research, however, Pearson and his colleagues came up with a series of experiments to determine whether people were using their intuition to help guide their decision making or judgment. The researchers defined intuition as the influence of "no conscious emotional information" from the body or the brain, such as an instinctual feeling or sensation.

When things get stressful, when people are relying on you to make quick decisions, or perhaps when you’re simply feeling overwhelmed, it’s time to take a break and check up your inner flame, first. Then, to move toward the other, with genuine desire of inclusion and connection.

The fear and isolation will scare you, the power of collective intellgence in action, will save you.

I will close this article by instigating you:

1. to really take care emotionally of yourself

2. to really make s m a r t objective in :

· connecting deeply and taking care about your key people ,

· ‘turning -on flames’ and

· making intentional actions of including others, every day,

As a leader, you are responsible about the people that are responsible for results; so, train you capacity to see faster WHO is in front of you, more than WHAT is doing your subordinate. Understand from WHICH FEELINGS & PARADIGMS right now he is operating, in the given situation, and you’ll faster be able to find the perfect way to help him to progress.

Maria-iris HÖEPPE

Executive and team COACH

Leadership facilitator

Organizational transformation processes: change management, leadership talents coaching

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I am an internationally accredited Professional Certified Coach by International Coaching Federation. Also certified as the Executive Coach and Team Coach of the Coaching and Leadership International Canada. My favorite type of work is coaching middle teams and boards of directors, in Romania and France, in companies that are facing changes and are being challanged to create new visions, design new plans, or change paradigms.

Also I am passionate about scaling talents in organizations, especially in IT industry, I help leader’s development, using 80 + advanced coaching methods, that allow even introverted& very analytical kind of people to become great leaders.

Depending on the size of the project, I work coaching independently or in a team with other 5 coaches.


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