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Failures, wounds and scars make us humans and help us fulfill our destiny.

“If you're brave enough to say goodbye, life will reward you with a new hello” . Paulo Cohelio

Brave enough to live a life accordingly to what his intuition was saying, old, but glorious, Paulo is remembering us, at the sunset of his existence, about the importance about being faithful to our truth and courageous until craziness to follow our inner voice. Even is scares us, to try to see what is on the other side of the fear.

We will make mistakes, we fail, we will suffer, and many times we will also win, enjoy and celebrate. Removing the subconscious believe that we always have to win we will liberate our spirit to live and to fulfill its destiny. Human nature means also failure, pain, resistance, fear, because this is how we learn the best. And because the wounds are the windows through where the light is coming inside of us.

Listening more our hearts scares first but reward at the end of our lives, the most.

We will forget what we achieved, what we said, but we will never forget how we felt.

Let’s say good bye to some limitative beliefs. One of it let be the one about failure. Failure is good, because is the best teacher, the finest catalyzer for courage and a mind tonifier. Our spirit trough our consciousness transcends the ordinary and keep alive in the collective subcoscious memory all our experineces. Nothing is lost.

I put on this article a picture from Sagrada Familia because Antoni Gaudi was one of the people that could consider that he failed as he struggled all his life, living in austerity and not having a family, and fighting to see the Sagrada Familia Cathedral ready. He died punched by a tramway, alone, in the night. But his spirit richness survived. All his art was took over and almost finished by the people coming over him. Also, after us will come people to take over. Nothing good we did is lost. Is just other brick for the future. What in a moment could look as a failure, at the level of humanity history is often a big help for all the humanity to understand better a phenomena, an concept or a method.

We are always bigger that our failure, even in those situations when the death takes us the priviledge to learn our lessons because others will learn from our mistakes.


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