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TOP 16 PRINCIPLES to INSPIRE ME...and maybe YOU too... IN 2021

1) Apply your gifts&natural talents in every aspect of your business.

2) Give back.

3) Be courgeous.

4) Meditate and visualize daily.

5) Remain humble.

6) Listen your body, your emotions and your intuition at the same level with your mind.

7) Dress how you want to be addressed.

8) Learn how to turn your failures into your greatest stepping stones.

9) Be generous with your knowledge.

10) Pick the right partners and take care of them.

11) Learn to read attitudes and listen deeply.

12) Strike while the iron is hot.

13) Be flexible with behaviors but firm regarding your values.

14) Don’t hurt the others.

15) Do always the extra-effort requested to be excellent.

16) Cultivate high energy and select only people, projects, places, objects with good energy.


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